Master Cilia Chen is a well respected Microblading Artist. Her elegance, grace and charisma transform workshops into a unique learning experience with her. With over 23 years of teaching and working experience in the world of Semi- permanent tattoo , she has set foot in dozens of countries and regions.

She nurtures outstanding Microblading world champions and instructs countless students around the world, who have all fallen in love with Cilia’s teaching style and kindness.
Cilia shares her love and passion for Microblading through her teaching. Students are inspired and motivated by Cilia’s coaching methods. She provides in depth coverage of all spectrums of
Microblading art, from its theory to the precision of David Brow Art techniques. She creates a fun, lively classroom atmosphere where she leads students to expand creativity from their hearts and
achieve mastery with true passion. Her classes cater to individual’s unique learning ability. Cilia is truly inspirational in her devotion to solidifying every student’s Microblading fundamental skills while helping them perfecting the art of David Brow Art trademarked techniques and philosophies.


In the art of beauty aesthetics, we strive to perfect the creation of a flawless and balanced facial symmetry. David Brow Art is the combination of 3D to 6D effects through the application of artistic microblading techniques. The David Brow Art team guides their students to create beautiful realistic eye brows using David Brow’s both patented Magic Brow Pencil and Nano Blade. The David Stroke and PPL Stroke allow the color to penetrate the skin with minimum invasion. With such advanced methods, they create realistic, long lasting 3D to 6D Eyebrow embroidery as well as voluptuous soft touch lips, exquisite shiny jet-black soft eyeliner all by manual patented David Brow Method.


With over 25 years of experience, the David Brow Art Team intergrades pure artistry and precision skills.

Our instructors share their knowledge with true affection to the beauty industry. Master Cilia is the leading instructor with David Brow Art team, and is eager to share her world class knowledge and experience with you.