David Zhang, Principle of the David Brow Academy, is a Grand Master of Microblading as well as the creator of the world-wide highly respected 3-Dimensional and 6-Dimensional microblading eyebrow techniques: painless techniques for eyebrow, eyeliner and lip semi permanent tattoo. He solely innovated a 3D technical pen to create this specific technique by designing eyebrow with eyebrow line drawing. His unique way of interacting with customers easily transforms into customer loyalty.


The 6D micro-blading eyebrow technique has been recognized as the world's best technique worldwide to date. David has been invited as the honorary Judge for multiple years in the competitions – ranging from The World of Microblading and Conference / Championship / Training, Amsterdam, Holland to the World Eyebrow Festival in Rotterdam, Holland.


David's passion for eyebrow micro-blading has earned him much respect from the industry, and with overs 25 years of experience he is today known as a Grandmaster of Microblading. His unique taste and creativity differentiates him from peers. He devotes his life to microblading in order to create and further develop his 3-Dimensional techniques, painless eyebrow micro-blading, eyeliner and lip tattoo, the 3D Technical Eyebrow pen, and makeup techniques. Through the 3D technical Eyebrow pen techniques, he found a breakthrough out of the single dimension eyebrow design. The creation of the 3D technique - also called “David Technique” - has created and marked a breakthrough in his generation. Another trademark creation from David is the well-recognized “David Stroke” and “PPL Stroke”, a technique that has brought the world of eyebrow micro-blading to greater heights, set greater standards and brought the art to the highest level.

“Sincerity” represents the core of Davids approach towards his students. With over 26 years of teaching experience, he has simplified the complex art of eyebrow micro-blading and literally composed a song to further simplify the art to pass on to his students. He believes that once you have learnt that song he composed, you will be able to understand, open your eyes and pass on the techniques.


His students come from all different countries - from England, Germany, Italy, Poland , Lituania, Holland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco (Franch Zone), USA , Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Philippine to China.

Under his belt, David has trained multiple champion artists around the world, such as Karen Betts from England and Gitana from Lituania, as well as Lindsy Ta from the USA. They were trained under David Brow Art International Academy and continue perfecting their skills. David is very proud of the success from his students.

His outstanding achievement has put David in a perfect position as an undisputed industry leader. He has been invited from his clients from all over the world just for his 3-Dimensional eyebrow design, and has made hundreds of thousands solely through this service. Due to this huge success, many MNC across the world have invited and appointed him as their Chief Technique Consultant.

Master David always has a heart for the people around him. He is constantly teaching and sharing his experiences and technical knowledge. Due to his creative techniques and his artistic taste, David attracted many Royal families from Asia and Europe, as well as well-known business owners and famous celebrities that appointed him as their family eyebrow artist.


Master David also created the internationally recognized David Master Colour. The Nano blade by David Master Colour is considered the world's finest arc shaped bendable needle, but you will also find long lasting painless numbing cream, stabilizing lotion, line drawing eyebrow pencils as well as the Imperial machine product series. The products are all manufactured following the highest standards, to share with the world - regardless in the East or the West. The products are greatly recognized and used by fellow Master Artists around the world.


World-renowned Microblading Artist David Zhang is passionate about each and every aspect of eyebrow microblading, and loves sharing his knowledge through the simple approach of sincerity towards people. Through his artwork, he shares his exquisite taste and style. Most importantly, he pledges to embed these values into a way of life. Master Artist David has reached perfection at the highest level in eyebrow microblading, and is today a great inspiration to other microblading artists around the world.