David Zhang, David Brow Art, Microblading Arts


David Zhang is a renowned Grandmaster of Microblading and creator of 3D and 6D microblading eyebrow techniques.

The creation of his own “David Technique” marked a breakthrough in the Microblading Industry and set new standards worldwide. 


With over 26 years of teaching experience, he developed and simplified the complex art of eyebrow micro-blading, giving students worldwide a new perspective of learning and perfecting the skill of microblading. 


Through his artwork, David shares his exquisite taste and style and, most importantly, the art of teaching with passion, sincerity and from the heart. 

2017 Microblading World-Championship Winner Sam Bao met Grand Master David Zheng in Singapore 5 years ago and instantly built a personal connection with him. After experiencing David’s Microblading work on his own brows, Sam was deeply inspired by David’s passion and craftsmanship. He immediately enrolled himself and became a David Brow Art student at the Singapore academy. His determination and hard work soon lead to mastering the art and Grand David Zhang took Sam under his wings. It has been a five-year journey of learning and working side by side with the Grand Master. 


Today, Sam travels around the world and teaches countless students globally. He has evolved and developed his signature microblading brow/lip style using David Brow trademarked techniques and products. He showcases Microblading art in its effortless way. Every stroke mimics expression. His transformation continues to progress as he flourishes with David Brow Art globally.

Sam Bao, 2017 Microblading Worl-Champion, David Brow Art
Microblading Artist and teacher Cilia Chen, David Brow Art


Cilia Chen is a well respected, charismatic and inspirational Master in the world of Microblading Art.

With over 23 years of teaching and working experience in the world of Semi-permanent tattoo, she has set foot in dozens of countries and regions of the world. She nurtures outstanding Microblading world champions and instructs countless students around the world. Cilia provides in depth coverage in all spectrums of Microblading art from its theory to the precision of David Brow Art techniques. She creates a fun, lively classroom atmosphere where she leads students to expand creativity from their hearts and achieve mastery with true passion.