- Microblading World-Champion 2017 -

Before Master Sam joined the David Brow Art Team, he was a successful actor and model in Asia. His charismatic, poise and warm personality made him highly sought after in the entertainment industry. To this day, he remains a favorite amongst professional modeling agencies.  


However, he felt a void during his acting career. Creating Art and acting are two big interests for Sam. He enjoys making sculptures on his spare time. He adores the simplicity of details, and the calming process of making a sculpture. From his former acting life, he worked with many makeup artists on set. Sam learned many beauty tips and tricks from them, and started to grow interest in brow design on men and women. He is fascinated by how a balanced brow can accentuate one’s features. Just like sculpting, it is all about the fine details.


Sam met Grand Master David Zhang in Singapore over 5 years ago through a mutual friend. He instantly built a personal connection with David. After seeing and experiencing David’s Microblading work on his own brows, Sam was deeply inspired by David’s passion and craftsmanship. He immediately enrolled himself and became a David Brow Art student at the Singapore academy. It was not an easy transition, but Sam was determined to learn from the best in the microblading industry. Month after month, he kept practicing David Brow techniques. His determination and hard work soon lead him to mastering the art on the highest level. Grand Master David took Sam under his wings, and it has since been an inspiring five-year journey of learning and working side by side with the Grand Master. 


Sam travels around the world and teaches countless students globally. He has evolved and developed his signature microblading brow and lip style, using David Brow trademarked techniques and products. He showcases the art of Microblading in an effortless way. Every stroke mimics expression. Sam found his true passion in Microblading under Grand Master David’s guidance. His transformation continues to progress as he flourishes with David Brow Art globally. Sam is excited to share his transformation story with you and demonstrate the genuine beauty of David Brow Art.