DavidBrow USA Master Classes

Las Vegas Summer 2019 Classes 

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exclusive  master workshop for MA students


Dive into the world of microblading and transform the beauty world with our 2-Day Training Classes featuring world-renowned microblading artists by David Brow Art. 

Summer Classes 2019 

Las Vegas , NV 

Eyebrow Microblading: 06/18, 06/19 

CLASS CONTENT: Eyebrow Microblading Class

Workshop Includes: Learning of world-famous David Technique and PPL Technique; Microblading Starter Kit, training Manuel, Certificate from DavidBrow





2 Day Workshop: $2500 

1 Day Workshop: $1500 each 

day one

  • Introduction to Microblading

  • Introduction to David Brow Art tools and usage of tools

  • Skin Anatomy and common skin types

  • Understanding, identifying various face and eyebrow shape structures and measuring ratio for eyebrows

  • Rules for drawing and combining dynamic eyebrow lines

day two

  • Revision/Correction of Techniques

  • Summary of “David Stroke” And “PPL Stroke”

  • Step by step introduction to process procedures

  • Student practice on each other with latex skin 

Full payment is required at least 2 weeks prior to workshop start. If you pay with cashiers check please indicate payable to Llumier Wellness LLC.


Advance Hybrid DavidOmbre 1 Day Workshop

Instructor:  Master Sam Bao  DavidBrow Art 

Worldwide  Eyebrow Festival Microblading World Champion 2017                        

Our master Hybrid DavidOmbre workshop pack with 1 day of theory and hands on practice on Latex skin .





Las Vegas NV  $1500

  • Signature DavidStrokes

  • Correct brow design with David Magic Pencil

  • DavidBrow Art Signature No Frame Brow Mapping 

  • Proper usage of DavidNano Blades and DavidBrow Art products

  • Fundamental knowledge of manual Ombre brow shading techniques on Latex 

  • How to create beautiful Hybrid DaivdOmbre Brows 

  • Final Student finishing work on latex skin

Hybrid David Ombre 06/18/2019



Before taking our classes and in order to register you must:

• Pass the  Las Vegas County Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Training before taking part in our workshops. Proof of certification is required before class start

• Recommended book : Foundations of Fundamental Applications +  Student Workbook Combo ($199, can be found here)

• For Student  joins in Live model class,  we will provide a model for your hands on practice. If student prefer to bring in his/her own model (1 model per class for final test). Please make sure  model meets the model requirement- it'll be a fun and interesting learning experience for both of you! Please click here for model requirements.